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Apr 2, 2010 - Everything's Coming Up Roses for Jack Neal
Feb 13, 2010 - Reno Little Thater presents a subtle, poignant valentine with John Cariani's whimsical "Almost, Maine"
Jan 17, 2010 - It's the creepy crawleys at Reno's Bruka Theatre for a slam-dunk rendering of Tracy Letts's play,
Jan 16, 2010 - When Gertrude Stein said there was no there there about Oakland, California, she described "The Wedding Singer," the none musical musical, perfectly
Dec 28, 2009 - Theater hopping on Reno's Fourth Street and "Mrs. Bob Cratchit's Wild Christmas Binge"
Nov 14, 2009 - Nevada Rep's "Romeo and Juliet" is a moonlit affair of young love and tragedy
Nov 13, 2009 - Bruka Theatre's wacky "The Weber Family Christmas" is a great big holiday winner
Nov 7, 2009 - The "Cats" tour in Reno sports a superb cast and production, but just can't quite overcome Andrew Lloyd Webber's monotonous score
Oct 31, 2009 - It was a dark and stormy night! Nevada Shakespeare's dark and sensuous "Macbeth" aims to please and most often does
Oct 15, 2009 - Reno Little Theater presents James Yaffe's "Cliffhanger"
Oct 9, 2009 - Bruka Theatre presents a brutal parable about power, "The Architect and the Emperor of Assyria"
Oct 4, 2009 - Nevada Rep's "Ubu the King" is a vulgar and furious send-up of temper tantrums and senility
Sep 6, 2009 - Ageless Repertory Theatre's "Don Juan in Hell" can't overcome G.B. Shaw's long, long sermon on what ails us
Aug 15, 2009 - "42nd Street" taps its way into the hearts of musical comedy fans at Reno's Eldorado Hotel Casino
Jul 3, 2009 - "Woman in Mind" at Reno's Bruka Theatre is one crazy, mixed-up play
Jun 3, 2009 - An exhilarating "Mamma Mia!" opens at Reno's Pioneer Center
May 30, 2009 - Reno Little Theater presents John Kolvenbach's poetic, if strange, love story - "Love Song"
May 22, 2009 - "Footloose," the exuberant stage musical, opens at the Sparks Nugget
May 15, 2009 - The all-male "female" musical, "Pageant" (Who will be Miss Glamouresse of 2010?) is now playing at Reno's Bruka Theatre
May 3, 2009 - The Nevada Repertory Company's pleasant presentation of Mary Zimmerman's "Metamorphoses"
Apr 17, 2009 - Reno Little Theater's "Wait Until Dark" is an old-fashoned thriller that most often thrills
Apr 5, 2009 - It may not be Alfred Hitchcock's "Rebecca," but Bruka's "The Mystery of Irma Vep" is never a drag
Apr 4, 2009 - "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," the musical, cons its way to hit status at Reno's Pioneer Center
Mar 7, 2009 - The Elvis inspired musical "Bye Bye Birdie" opens at Reno's Pioneer Center
Mar 6, 2009 - "Menopause The Musical" about change is at Reno's Eldorado Hotel Casino
Mar 1, 2009 - Larry Shue's "The Foreigner" gets a light once over by Reno's Nevada Rep Company
Feb 15, 2009 - Reno Little Theater's rhapsodic and unusual look at playwright Sarah Ruhl's delicate and lovely "Eurydice"
Feb 14, 2009 - Laugh and the world laughs, cringe at the dearly departed Bush Administration and you have Bruka Theatre's "The God of Hell"
Jan 17, 2009 - Hey there, "The Pajama Game" still has stars in its eyes!
Dec 21, 2008 - Reno Little Theater's "Becket" proves loyalty is still what it used to be
Dec 6, 2008 - Neil Goldberg's exotic "Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy" plays Reno's Pioneer Center
Nov 23, 2008 - Reno's Bruka Theatre presents Mary Zimmerman's provocative "Metamorphoses"
Nov 16, 2008 - Nevada Rep's "Much Ado About Nothing" charms with much ado about a great deal
Oct 11, 2008 - Reno's Bruka Theater presents a poetic and lyric "Italian American Reconciliation"
Oct 10, 2008 - For a gloomy look at the future of humanity see Nevada Rep's "This Is Our Youth"
Oct 9, 2008 - Nevada Rep opens its season outing the sex fantasies of the young and the restless
Oct 4, 2008 - The Reno Little Theater's hectic romp through the backstage zaniness of "Moon Over Buffalo"
Sep 20, 2008 - Lionel Bart's "Oliver!" sinks, oh so slowly, out West in Reno
Jul 24, 2008 - Cashing in (or out) with Sara Juli's "The Money Conversation" at Reno is Artown
Jul 20, 2008 - "Go, Diego, Go!" plays Reno's Pioneer Center during the Biggest Little City's Artown festival and wows oodles of munchkin-size kids
Jul 12, 2008 - In Reno it's "A Life Worth Living" the continuing story of the AIDS crisis
Jul 11, 2008 - Bruka Theatre's compelling production of Caryl Churchill's provocative "Cloud Nine"
Jul 5, 2008 - Reno's Nevada Rep presents "Henceforward" in a straight forward production that's as funny as it's cautionary
Jun 3, 2008 - Reno Little Theater's "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" is alive and well
May 17, 2008 - "Steambath," a play to die for, is having lots of fun at Reno's Bruka Theatre
May 11, 2008 - A tedious "The Last Days of Judas Iscariot" holds court at Reno's Redfield Performing Arts Center
Apr 26, 2008 - For its 35th season finale the Nevada Repertory Theatre presents "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"
Apr 24, 2008 - Reno Little Theater presents a compelling "The Love Song of J. Robert Oppenheimer"
Apr 19, 2008 - A solid production and a splendid cast sends "Annie" into the stratosphere at Reno's Pioneer Center
Mar 29, 2008 - An excellent "Fat Men in Skirts" at Reno's Bruka Theatre isn't what you think, it's more bizarre
Mar 8, 2008 - Truckee Meadows Community College presents its colorful version of the American Tribal Love-rock musical "Hair"
Mar 1, 2008 - A road-company "Gypsy" worthy of Broadway is at Reno's Pioneer Center
Feb 14, 2008 - Eve Ensler's "Necessary Targets" sets a more socially involved path for Reno Little Theater
Feb 2, 2008 - It's as if we never said goodbye; fan worship of Mae West in Bruka's "Dirty Blonde"
Jan 26, 2008 - "Peter Pan," a flawed musical with a gallant cast, opens at Reno's Pioneer Center
Dec 15, 2007 - Reno Little Theater's silly little computer show, "The Bug," pratfalls merrily along
Dec 8, 2007 - In Reno a superlative cast and staging makes Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Evita" more entertaining and moving than ever
Nov 15, 2007 - The Nevada Repertory Company's solidly produced "The Trojan Women" comes close to compelling theater
Nov 10, 2007 - Twyla Tharp shapes Billy Joel's songs into eloquent dance in a riveting "Movin' Out"
Sep 29, 2007 - Nevada Rep's entertaining commentary on the absurd via Vaclav Havel's "Increased Difficulty of Concentration"
Sep 28, 2007 - "Fashion," a delightful old chestnut, is dusted off and polished up by Reno Little Theater
Sep 22, 2007 - If at first you don't succeed: TMCC's "Weird Romance," a musical sci-fi double bill
Jul 19, 2007 - Harold Pinter's "The Birthday Party" - a bleak, but triumphant celebration at Bruka
Jul 7, 2007 - Nevada Rep's "Godspell" is captivating
Jun 18, 2007 - Bruka Theater's "The Golden Screw," a title not without meaning, is better than its name
Jun 18, 2007 - Heaven can‘t wait: Reno Little Theater‘s "Early One Evening at the Rainbow Bar and Grille"
May 2, 2007 - Nevada Rep's "Cyrano de Bergerac" at the Redfield Proscenium is long, but superb
May 2, 2007 - Nevada Rep's "Cyrano de Bergerac" at the Redfield Proscenium is long, but superb
Mar 17, 2007 - Oh, the angst of it all! Elton John and Tim Rice's "Aida" is all style and no substance
Mar 5, 2007 - The Nevada Rep's charming presentation of the musical revue "A… My Name is Alice"
Mar 5, 2007 - Truckee Meadows Community College's exciting and chilling "Cabaret"
Feb 23, 2007 - Reno Little Theater's presentation of Arthur Miller's "The Price" is not quite right
Feb 11, 2007 - Storytelling and horror zings Bruka's
Feb 7, 2007 - In Reno Jesus Christ Superstar
Dec 14, 2006 - "Spelling Bee" casts its small-town spell in Reno
Nov 25, 2006 - "Camelot," as lovely as it sometimes is, is still stuck with a weak book, and – this time out – gets nothing better than an iffy production
Nov 24, 2006 - "The Buttcracker," the Bruka Theatre's naughty adult XXX version of "The Nutcracker"
Nov 7, 2006 - A superb presentation of Ibsen's "A Doll's House" at Reno Little Theater
Oct 7, 2006 - Bruka Theatre's "Gross Indecency" sans the wit and pathos of the notorious Oscar Wilde trials
Sep 30, 2006 - Nevada Repertory's compelling version of Albee's "The Lady from Dubuque"
Sep 16, 2006 - "Chicago," and all that jazz, comes to Reno and it's an unabashed sensation
Aug 23, 2006 - A midsummer night's dream with "As You Like It" at the Gold Hill Gazebo Theater
Jul 12, 2006 - Tahoe Shakespeare at Reno's Artown with a so-so "Complete Works of W.S. - Abridged"
Jun 13, 2006 - Nevada Rep’s “Epic Proportions” could be fun, sometimes is, but mostly isn’t
May 22, 2006 - Bruka Theater's devastating "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" succeeds handsomely
May 18, 2006 - In Reno, "Hairspray" the musical, is a bouffant "do" with nearly every hair in place
May 10, 2006 - Reno Little Theater's "Humble Boy," a beautiful and compelling presentation
Apr 30, 2006 - Nevada Rep's elegant "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" lacks audibility
Apr 25, 2006 - Kalin and Jinger's "Real Magic" at Reno's Magic Underground is magical theater
Apr 22, 2006 - Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Oklahoma!" in Reno - Oh, what a beautiful show!
Mar 20, 2006 - Cats in Reno, now on its 25th anniversary tour, hasn t gotten better with age
Mar 13, 2006 - The Truckee Meadows Community College's energized and entertaining "Urinetown"
Mar 6, 2006 - Nevada Rep’s American premier of “Myth, Propaganda and Disaster in Nazi Germany and Contemporary America”
Feb 13, 2006 - Reno Little Theater's take on Moliere's "Scapino" is a high energy event
Feb 12, 2006 - “Frozen,” the Byrony Lavery play about pedophilia, opens at Reno's Bruka Theatre
Dec 3, 2005 - A pulverized "Thoroughly Modern Millie" plays Reno's Pioneer Center
Nov 13, 2005 - "Noises Off" - Nevada Rep's old college try proves some plays don't improve with age
Oct 16, 2005 - "The Full Monty" plays Reno where the full "Montessa" has been raging for years
Oct 3, 2005 - Nevada Rep's "Free" skips the housewives part and goes directly to desperate people
Sep 21, 2005 - Small is more with Nevada Shakespeare's lean, tight hits: "Hamlet" and "Richard III"
Jul 18, 2005 - Bruka's "As Bees In Honey Drown" is funny on its way to being something more! Or is it?
Apr 2, 2005 - "42nd Street" dances and sings its way to the heart at Reno's Pioneer Center
Feb 28, 2005 - Nevada Rep's "Epicene, or the Silent Woman" is a breezy, if a tad long, delight
Feb 9, 2005 - "Amadeus" at Reno's Bruka Theatre is triumphant theater
Jan 29, 2005 - "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" at Reno's Pioneer Center has seen better days
Dec 20, 2004 - "Ruthless," the musical, is a great big hit at Reno's Bruka Theatre
Nov 27, 2004 - Even a well preserved Morgan Fairchild can't save this over-the-hill "The Graduate"
Nov 15, 2004 - Nevada Rep joins with UNR's Lyric Opera Theatre for an exuberant "Footloose"
Oct 27, 2004 - Kalin and Jinger's "Ghosts" at the Magic Underground is a funtime Halloween boo!
Oct 13, 2004 - "'Night Mother" at the Bruka Theatre isn't much fun, but it is moving and powerful
Oct 5, 2004 - "The Quick Change Room" opens Nevada Rep's season with humor and poignancy
Sep 29, 2004 - Hats off to a real Broadway show! "The Producers" has opened in Reno
Sep 20, 2004 - Reno Little Theater's "Play It Again, Sam" grows into a glow of considerable charm
Sep 13, 2004 - The Nevada Shakespeare Company's "Julius Caesar" takes aim at American politics 2004
Jul 23, 2004 - An aging "Grease" at the Eldorado is looking too long in the tooth for Rydell High
Jul 17, 2004 - Anne Nelson's "The Guys" brings the humanity of the 9/11 tragedy to Reno
Jul 7, 2004 - Shakespeare's "Titus Andronicus" at the Bruka Theatre is a bloody mess
Jun 21, 2004 - "The Producers" as it will be in Reno is still the big Broadway mega-hit
Jun 21, 2004 - Nevada Rep's upbeat "Merchant of Venice" takes a traditionalist view
Jun 17, 2004 - Jeanmarie Simpson is Jeannette Rankin in Nevada Shakespeare's "A Single Woman"
Jun 15, 2004 - It's that old black magic with magicians supreme, Mark Kalin and Jinger Leigh, underground
May 15, 2004 - Bruka's "Five Women Wearing the Same Dress" hits on eight cylinders
May 1, 2004 - When it dances, "Saturday Night Fever" is a wow! When it talks, it's an embarrassment!
Apr 24, 2004 - Nevada Rep's interesting, non revealing "Six Characters in Search of an Author"
Mar 13, 2004 - A better than ever "The Music Man" struts its American stuff at Reno's Pioneer Center
Mar 6, 2004 - Reno Little Theater's "The Unexpected Guest" more lethargic than whodunnit
Feb 28, 2004 - The Nevada Repertory Company's "Just So" could be "just so" soon
Feb 21, 2004 - The only unsinkable thing about this "Molly Brown" is its replacement star, Leah Rohrer
Feb 1, 2004 - Reno's Bruka Theatre's impressive and entertaining "An Evening of Durang"
Jan 19, 2004 - Reno Little Theater's excellent "Henry IV"
Nov 29, 2003 - In Reno, ěKiss Me, Kateî is big, colorful, and - much of the time - as robust and fun as ever
Oct 25, 2003 - "Seussical the Musical" at Reno's Pioneer Center has charm but not enough whimsy
Oct 12, 2003 - Bruka's "Wait Until Dark" is not worth the wait waiting for something to happen
Oct 5, 2003 - Nevada Rep's splendid "Breaking the Code" is a memorable season opener
Sep 23, 2003 - Rod Hearn is the "Man of La Mancha" in a very special Riverfront Theatre presentation
Sep 20, 2003 - "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" opens Reno's newest old theater
Aug 16, 2003 - Gay Pride Week's "Jeffrey" sails winningly to the heart at Reno's Riverfront Theatre
Jul 19, 2003 - New Riverfront Theatre opens with Cami Thompson and "Best Whorehouse in Texas"
Jul 17, 2003 - A poetic "Amigas" debuts at the Nevada Museum of Art
Jun 23, 2003 - Destiny is a family matter in Nevada Rep's devastating and fine "Criminals in Love"
Jun 21, 2003 - Bruka's whorish "The Rocky Horror Show" is a vulgar bon-bon of fetish delights
May 10, 2003 - Bruka Theater's smartly acted and directed take on Sam Shepard's searing "True West"
Apr 26, 2003 - Lee Anne Mathews gets top billing in Nevada Rep's "Sugar Babies" but Tyler Dean stars
Apr 16, 2003 - An excellent production of "Miss Saigon" brings its angst to Reno's Pioneer Center
Apr 6, 2003 - The Riverfront Theatre's "You Can't Take It With You" is fun but lacks classic 1930's style
Mar 8, 2003 - "Fosse," the dance tribute to the great Bob Fosse, in fine shape at Reno's Pioneer Center
Mar 4, 2003 - Risky or risque it's McNally's "Love! Valour! Compassion!" at Reno's Riverfront Theatre
Mar 1, 2003 - Nevada Rep's "Escape from Happiness" is a good production of a brilliant play
Jan 26, 2003 - No changes needed! The Eldorado's "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" IS perfect
Jan 20, 2003 - The Reno Little Theater's "The Golden Age" is too long-winded to strike gold
Jan 18, 2003 - "On the Verge" at Bruka is a four-actor "Perils of Pauline" that's anything but silent
Dec 7, 2002 - Bah! Humbug! to the Riverfront Theater's dismal Christmas show "Inspecting Carol"
Nov 30, 2002 - A mostly enchanted evening with "South Pacific" at Reno's Pioneer Center
Nov 19, 2002 - Nevada Rep's stylish "Otherwise Engaged" is Largely Engaging
Nov 13, 2002 - Reno Little Theater's "Twelve Angry Men"
Oct 15, 2002 - Riverfront's "Always... Patsy Cline" tribute starring Lee Anne Mathews & Kristin Moffit
Oct 14, 2002 - It's hilarious, campy and terrific! Bruka's "Dracula: The Musical?" really sucks!
Oct 12, 2002 - A Captivating "Cinderella" charms at Reno's Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts
Oct 6, 2002 - Nevada Rep's "Merry Wives" is a Season Opener of Dull, Unmerry Results
Aug 24, 2002 - The Riverfront's Musical Revue "Forever Plaid" is Forever Plain
Jul 26, 2002 - Tahoe Shakespeare's Shallow, Entertaining "Twelfth Night"
Jul 20, 2002 - The Elegant Marcel Marceau is the World's Master of Mime
Jul 6, 2002 - "Gypsy" Struts Its Brassy Stuff at Reno's Riverfront Theatre
Jun 30, 2002 - Bruka's "The Hobbit" a Lavish, Massive, Mind-Boggling Event
Jun 24, 2002 - Nevada Rep's "Comic Potential" Is More Potential Than Comic
May 28, 2002 - The Reno Little Theater's Fine "Importance of Being Earnest"
May 11, 2002 - Riverfront's "A Few Good Men" Has Many Good Performances
Apr 28, 2002 - Nevada Rep's Fizzless "School for Scandal"
Apr 13, 2002 - Can Rob Becker's "Defending the Caveman" Be Defended
Mar 24, 2002 - Reno Little Theater's Solid, At Times Moving "All My Sons"
Mar 23, 2002 - A Fast, Fun "Moon Over Buffalo" at Reno's Riverfront Theatre
Mar 17, 2002 - "Howdy, Partner!" Welcome to Bruka's Three Western One-Acts
Mar 9, 2002 - Nevada Rep's "Laramie Project" is Thought Provoking Theater
Feb 23, 2002 - "Fair Lady" Becomes "Failed Lady" at Reno's Pioneer Center
Feb 17, 2002 - Riverfront's "It Had to Be You" a Tour de Force for Two Stars
Jan 26, 2002 - Bruka's "Marat/Sade" Doesn't Make Peter Weiss's Play Work
Jan 19, 2002 - The Riverfront's "Fantasticks" Comes Close to Being Just That
Jan 12, 2002 - Robert Dubac's "Male Intellect: An Oxymoron" at the Eldorado
Dec 16, 2001 - The Riverfront Theatre's "It's a Wonderful Life" is Merely Okay
Dec 8, 2001 - "Ragtime" at the Pioneer! It's Big, Well Produced and Too Long
Nov 27, 2001 - Sister Mary & Actor's Nightmare Irreverence & Silliness at Bruka
Nov 10, 2001 - Ugly vs. Shallow at Nevada Rep! "Popcorn" Does Neither Well
Nov 7, 2001 - Truckee Meadows Community College's Big "Big River"
Oct 13, 2001 - Bruka's "Buried Child" is Darkly Funny, Abrasively Dysfunctional
Oct 6, 2001 - Nevada Rep Opens Season with Charm & the Musical "Honk!"
Sep 25, 2001 - The Brilliant Karen Chandler is Callas in RLT's "Master Class"
Sep 19, 2001 - Nevada Shakespeare Festival's Excellent "Romeo and Juliet"
Aug 15, 2001 - Tahoe's More Bounce to the Ounce "Comedy of Errors"
Jul 27, 2001 - Going to Hell and Loving It with the Riverfront's "Damn Yankees"
Jul 11, 2001 - Gothic North's "Six Women with Brain Death" Is Alive and Well
Jun 23, 2001 - Nevada Rep's "Tartuffe: Born Again" Bears Its Cross Lightly
Jun 22, 2001 - The Superb Steven K. Patterson is "Othello" at the Bruka Theater
May 30, 2001 - Reno Little Theater's Charming Take on "A Thurber Carnival"
May 22, 2001 - Gothic North's "Other People's Money" Doesn't Quite Cash In
May 13, 2001 - "The Three Penny Opera" Fails as Music, Falls Short as Theater
May 8, 2001 - "The Music Man" at Piper's Opera House: How American Can It Get?
May 1, 2001 - McArdle, Peterson and "Cabaret" Sizzle with Decadent Charm
Apr 29, 2001 - Nevada Rep's Compelling "Dancing at Lughnasa"
Apr 20, 2001 - The Riverfront Theatre's "Glass Menagerie" - A Poetic Revision
Apr 18, 2001 - Singer Rebecca Judd's Sweet Momento to World War II
Apr 17, 2001 - Gothic North Plays Its Cards Just Right with "The Gin Game"
Apr 10, 2001 - Reno Little Theater's "Lost in Yonkers" is a Triumph of Heart
Mar 31, 2001 - A Fine Cast Makes "Jekyll and Hyde" Succeed in Spite of Itself
Mar 15, 2001 - The Hills are Still Alive with Broadway's "The Sound of Music"
Mar 11, 2001 - Proscenium Players "I Hate Hamlet" is a Spirited Send Up
Mar 6, 2001 - Gothic North Tackles William Inge's "Bus Stop" with Sincerity
Mar 3, 2001 - Nevada Rep's "Comedy of Errors" More Porter than Shakespeare
Feb 18, 2001 - Reno Little Theater's "Sylvia": A Bark That's As Good As Its Bite
Jan 13, 2001 - Gutter Dysfunctionalism: Pinter's "Homecoming" at Bruka
Jan 8, 2001 - Gothic North's "Steel Magnolias" - Lots of Heart, Little Spunk
Nov 25, 2000 - Bare Bones "Man of La Mancha" Opens Pioneer Center Season
Nov 19, 2000 - "Clue's" Managerie of Murder; a Bruka Theater Holiday Treat
Nov 11, 2000 - Nevada Rep's Blur of Rudnick's Funny "Most Fabulous Story"
Oct 31, 2000 - Reno Little Theater's "Mousetrap" Overdone But Fun
Oct 24, 2000 - Gothic's "Whodunnit" is Gothic
Oct 8, 2000 - Nevada Rep's "Wind in the Willows" Has Charm and More
Sep 30, 2000 - Thumbs Up for Bruka Theater's Season-Opening "Little Murders"
Sep 16, 2000 - Courting's a Rough Road for Gothic's "Robber Bridegroom"
Sep 9, 2000 - Carson City's "Peter Pan" Flies High and Scores
Jul 29, 2000 - Tahoe Shakespeare: Unlabored, Lovely "Love's Labour's Lost"
Jul 8, 2000 - Nevada Rep's "Forbidden Planet" Not Silly Enough for Words
Jun 17, 2000 - Bruka's "Cabaret" Doesn't Go Like Elsie
Jun 6, 2000 - Reno Little Theater's Stormy, Exceptional "Strange Snow"
May 15, 2000 - Lehrer's "Tomfoolery" at Gothic North Lacks Bite
May 7, 2000 - Bruka's "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern" are Alive and Well
Apr 25, 2000 - Golden Dragon Acrobats: Too Much of a Superlative Thing
Apr 22, 2000 - Nevada Rep's Splendid "Death of a Salesman"
Mar 25, 2000 - Arf! Arf! Reno It's "Annie"
Mar 21, 2000 - Gothic North's "Picnic" an Artful Revival of a Classic Play
Mar 4, 2000 - Reno Little Theater's "Dream Lover" Dreams on Too Long
Feb 26, 2000 - The Angst of It All! The Hyping of Nevada Rep's "The Herbal Bed"
Feb 19, 2000 - "Skintight 2000" a Refurbished Adult Hit at Harrah's Reno
Feb 15, 2000 - Good to Grand Acting Make for a Solid "Sisters Rosensweig"
Feb 5, 2000 - "Stomp's" Slam-Dunk Rhythms Stomp Again at the Pioneer
Feb 1, 2000 - Great Acts Make "Imagine 2000" a Harrah's Lake Tahoe Winner
Jan 28, 2000 - An Aimless "Show Boat" Takes on Water at the Pioneer Center
Jan 22, 2000 - "Sheep Dip" Implodes Mayor & City Council
Jan 20, 2000 - Gothic North's "It's Only a Play" Has Its Fill of Kosher Hams
Jan 17, 2000 - Bruka's "Under Milk Wood" a Feast of Delicious Characters
Jan 12, 2000 - Harvey's "Passion" Scorches the "X" Out of "X" Rated
Dec 29, 1999 - Harrah's "Dancin' in the Streets" A Winner
Nov 21, 1999 - Bruka's "Waiting for Godot" a Superb Achievement
Nov 20, 1999 - Great Cast and Energy Can't Save "Fame's" Dreadful Book
Nov 15, 1999 - "StarSkates Goes Country" Also Goes Dull
Nov 14, 1999 - Gothic' North's "Man Who Came to Dinner" a Tried & True Farce
Oct 29, 1999 - Touching "Boheme" Has Youth, Vitality and Beautiful Singing
Oct 27, 1999 - "Love Letters" Not So Much a Play as a Showcase for Actors
Oct 23, 1999 - Disney on Ice's "Little Mermaid" Charms at Lawlor
Oct 16, 1999 - Gothic North's "Swan Song" Too Much Talk, Too Little Song
Oct 9, 1999 - Nevada Festival Ballet's "Frankenstein" - "It's Alive!"
Oct 4, 1999 - A Valiant "Fuente Ovejuna" Opens the Nevada Rep Season
Oct 4, 1999 - Bruka Opens Its Season with an Impressive "Ghosts"
Sep 25, 1999 - Watts Prophets' Stunning at Nightingale
Sep 21, 1999 - Eldorado's "Spirit of the Dance," A Great Cast and Great Dancing
Sep 18, 1999 - Gothic's "Red Ryder" Searing Theater
Sep 14, 1999 - RLT Opens Its 65th Season with a "Sing On" that's Off Key
Sep 4, 1999 - Now and Forever "Cats" at the Pioneer
Jul 31, 1999 - "As You Like It" A Sparkling Show
Jul 30, 1999 - Tahoe Shakespeare Festival's "Midsummer Dream" a Smash Hit
Jul 23, 1999 - Falstaff a Surprise Winner in Revamped "Merry Wives"
Jul 12, 1999 - The Play with Huge Egos and Lots of Laughs - Nevada Rep's "Picasso at the Lapin Agile"
Jul 3, 1999 - A Reworked "New York, New York" on the Town at Harrah's Tahoe
Jun 20, 1999 - Garrison Keillor's "Prairie Companion" at Home in the High Sierras
Jun 11, 1999 - Bruka's "King Lear" is a Mad, Mad World
Jun 10, 1999 - Nevada Opera's "Kids on Broadway" A Smash Hit
Jun 10, 1999 - Nevada Rep's Well Adjusted "Period of Adjustment"
May 30, 1999 - RLT'S "Charlie Brown" Cute As A Dog's Ear
May 7, 1999 - Bruka's Hilarious "Noises Off" Not Off by Much
May 4, 1999 - Reed High's "Technicolor Dreamcoat" Is As Good As It Gets
Apr 17, 1999 - Nevada Rep's "A Grand Night for Singing" Almost Grand
Apr 16, 1999 - Sexy "Skin Tight" Steams at Harrah's
Apr 13, 1999 - Jekowsky and Excitement at the Reno Phil
Apr 9, 1999 - "Spirit of the Dance" Packs 'Em In
Apr 8, 1999 - "Night Beat" Flies High at the Reno Hilton
Apr 4, 1999 - "Closer Than Ever" Pure Platinum
Mar 25, 1999 - Reno High Presents an Impressive "Guys and Dolls"

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